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An exclusive custom drawing or hand-lettered design for only TEN DOLLARS? Whaaaaattt?

That’s right, custom artwork for only ten bucks! Welcome to Ten Minute Art, where I’ll hand-letter up to six words or draw a custom cartoon or illustration for you in ten minutes, for a mere ten dollars!

It won’t be too detailed, because we’re talking about ten minutes. And you won’t get much say in what it looks like, nor will you get any revisions, because we’re talking about ten dollars.

But I promise you’ll get a minimum of ten minutes of work for me, and I’ll send you something that I, personally, am satisfied with. And you can do whatever you want with it! Use it as your logo, sell shirts with it, put it on a greeting card for your loved ones — the sky’s the limit. The finished product comes with an exclusive-use license for you! (If you’d like to see the text of the license, it’s available here.)

All I need is the word or phrase you’d like me to letter (maximum 6 words), or a description of what you’d like me to draw, and an email address where you’d like me to send it. All Ten Minute Art is created digitally, and will be sent to you in SVG and transparent PNG file formats.

For both lettering and drawing, you get to choose from different styles. Choose wisely! (Scroll down for samples.)


Whether you’re getting a lettering piece or a drawing, the process is mostly the same. I’ll start with a pencil sketch, then create the drawing or lettering on a new layer over the top of that. Once it’s drawn, I look at it in vector format and reduce the nodes and lines just enough to make things smoother and easier to work with, without taking away the hand-drawn look. If necessary, I’ll move the elements and make adjustments to the spacing. Finally, I save out to SVG and PNG formats and send them to you!



I reserve the right to reject and refund any requests that are racist, bigoted, pornographic, or otherwise hateful or offensive. (Salty language, however, is most likely OK.)

Limited to one lettering piece or drawing piece per customer at a time. (Once you receive a completed piece, you can order another; this is to ensure that I don’t get hit with 50 orders from one person all at once, y’know?)

Please ensure you have researched and licensed any copyrighted and/or trademarked phrases or images.

Finished artwork will be delivered via email within five (5) business days of order.

Files will be delivered in SVG and transparent PNG formats (PNG will be 3000 pixels on its longest side).

If you’d rather get a custom drawing or lettering piece where I take more time, and you get more input, sketches, and revisions, I do commissions as well! Hop over to the contact form on my website and let me know what you’re looking for. 🙂

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